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White Glove Lease Concierge

Aspire’s White Glove Lease Concierge program is designed to maintain timely customer communications throughout the lease period. Along with timely customer communications our program will also:  

  • Increase Lease Renewal Percentages.
  • Reduce BDC Overhead.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.
  • Drive Service and Parts business.
  • Provide dedicated concierge agents
Your concierge team is USA-based, trained & certified in your brand.  We move happy customers closer to another sale and identify & address problems before you lose a valuable customer. 

“White Glove Lease Concierge identified a customer of over 15 years who was made to wait for 2 hours just to start his service appointment.  We should have let him know that we were running behind.  Aspire gave us a Hot Alert based on the phone conversation they had.  We picked up his car, gave him an upgrade for the day and performed the service at no cost to him.  When his lease terminated, he leased another and thanked us for making it right.  Huge save by Aspire’s White Glove Lease Concierge Team!”.   -General Manager, Chrysler, Dodge,  Jeep, Ram, Florida

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